- TM Amjad Ali

“As long as you are breathing you are still in the game”

I was born and raised in a humble family in the early eighties. I went to school without knowing the reason why. But it seems I was born blessed with the qualities of persistence and consistency to rise and shine and to change the fate of his entire family.

Since I was not able to enjoy my childhood and teenage because of financial constraints, I believe God had a surprise scripted for me due to my persistent attitude.

I remained determined and successfully started my business when I was 31 and after few years of business success I became an accomplished man with everything a successful and rich person could have such as beautiful happy family, business, travelling and independent life.

The encouragement of my friends made me realize that I have latent public speaking skills and started searching for a platform to develop my public speaking skills. I got to know about Toastmasters International in June 2017, and as I experienced several meetings in different clubs I found it very much interesting, educational and a friendly environment. So I joined up immediately and started delivering my speeches and here are some of my achievements in last 4 months of Toastmasters experience.

1. Achieved (CC) Competent Communicator
2. Completed (CL) Competent Leadership
3. Completed (ACB) Advance Communication Bronze
4. Triple Crown Award
5. I have visited 42 different clubs and 108 meetings

I enjoy Toastmasters a lot and take every meeting as an educational session and English class for learning.

I find myself vastly improved in communication and leadership in such a short period of time and hope to continue the momentum for myself and to help the Toastmasters community and the world.

One of my reasons to join Toastmasters is to become a world level motivational speaker to help the less fortunate around the globe and Toastmasters International seems to be the best platform I found.

“Your smile shows you are alive, and strong enough to face the world”  - Amjad Ali