Final MOM of the Second Excom meeting held on 19th January 2018 2-Feb

Dear District Executive Committee Members,
Final Minutes of Second Executive Committee Meeting is published in our website.


Dear Club Leaders,
“Continuous Effort – Not Strength or Intelligence – is the Key to Unlocking Our Potential” – Winston Churchill
Now that the second membership building contest of the year has begun, clubs can make plans to bring inactive members back to the club and achieve the TALK UP TOASTMASTERS Award. The action can also result in increased membership retention.
Follow the steps below:-
- Club officers collectively prepare the contact list of past / inactive members
- VP Membership contacts maximum number of inactive members and invites them to the club meeting
- VP Education plans special theme meeting, to mesmerize inactive members with the changed positive atmosphere in the club. 
- Collect a token amount of only (US$ 15) from the past members – just enough to reinstate them till next dues renewal period (March). Renewal for April-September period can be done conveniently.
- Pathways will be another attraction for the past members to renew their dues and continue with the club.
- All active members as of 20th March will get access to a Path in the Pathways program. A member in multiple clubs will get access to TWO paths for free. Note that TWO paths are required to complete DTM in Pathways.  
Achieve TALK UP TOASTMASTERS Award, with minimum effort!

Organise an Effective Area Contest -- 31-Jan

Dear Area Directors,
“Doing the Best at This Moment Puts you in the Best Place for the Next Moment” – Oprah Winfrey
Wishing you all the very best in organizing a memorable Area level Speech Contest. May the contest bring out the best in every club and member. 
In case organizing the event is a concern for you, here are a few tips that can make you comfortable in organizing an effective speech contest, in addition to making it wholesome and entertaining. 
-       Include value added sessions to the event that members will remember. (recognition to clubs, education session etc)
-       Encourage clubs to utilize Area Contest as an opportunity to tackle their struggling areas (membership drive, members enthusiasm etc)
-       Promote the goals / tasks / opportunities / recognition (Talk Up Toastmasters Award, Membership dues renewal for April-September, PROACTIVE CLUB Award etc) 
-       Upon completion of the contest, ensure that the attached 'Notification of Contest Winner' form is collected from the Chief Judge / Contest Chair and passed on to the Division Contest team. 
-       Compile the original bills (venue / food / trophy etc) and submit your voucher to District Finance Manager at the earliest, to claim the maximum allocated budget amount of $200.
-       Minimise the expenditure as much as possible (try for a free venue, explore the possibility of utilizing a club meeting venue for the Area contest, adjust the timing to minimise food expenses etc).
Your dreams are our goals!
Have a great contest season!

Are You Reaping the Full Benefit – 25-Jan

Dear Area / Division Directors,
It has been seven months into one of the most rewarding leadership experiences in Toastmasters! 
Are you reaping the full benefits of your term? It's time to refresh and re-energize, to ensure that you get the maximum out of the remaining five months. 
Please go through the attached Area and Division Director Competencies, self-evaluate your performance and make strategies to bridge any gap you may feel.
Reach your Highest potential!
The list will also help you in identifying the right leaders in your Area / Division and to encourage them to take up higher levels of leadership positions. We have seen true leaders in each of you, upon whom the District can rely on, to build a strong future. 
Let us develop more leaders!
Let us keep quality of District leadership high!  

Nominations to District Leadership roles closes in a week! --- 24-Jan

Dear Proactive Leaders,
District 105, in its first year has made a tangible progress towards sustainable growth and a bright future. A District’s success depends on the quality of its leadership. To continue the spirit and to lead the District to higher levels, the District Leadership Committee has already invited nominations for the next term. 
Take your leadership experience to the next level by serving your District. Not only does serving as a District Leader fulfill a requirement on the path to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster, but it also is a rewarding part of the Toastmasters journey.
Nominate true leaders known to you for District Leadership roles. For nomination procedure, documents and more details, refer to District 105 website: 

Election of Annual Club Officers for the year July 2018 - June 2019 ------ 23-Jan

Dear Proactive Club Presidents,
If not done yet, it is time to start the process of finding successors for the club officers who will lead the club during the next term - July 2018 to June 2019. Before the end of March, you must appoint a nominating committee chaired by the immediate past president or the most recent past president available and be in the process of getting the nominating committee report to the clubs as well.
Please note the following timeline:-
Time Activity
End of March Club President appoints Nomination Committee
April Nomination committee seeks out qualified candidates from active club members
Last meeting in April Nomination committee presents report (at least 2 weeks prior to election)
First Meeting in May Hold elections
Mid May Upload the officers information online at Club Central (DCP Credit)
May-June Current President receives Club Officer Leadership Handbooks from WHQ (Ensure club mailing address is updated online at Club Central)
June-August Club Officers Training (COT) first round
1st July New officers take charge
Please refer to Pages 56-59 of Club Leadership Handbook for further details.
Your Area and Division Directors and team will always be available for any guidance and assistance as needed. 

Election of Area Director for next term July 2018 - June 2019 ------ 23-Jan

Dear Area Directors,
It's time to start the official process of succession planning. Please refer to the detailed election process for electing Area Director, for the next year starting from July 2018, in District Leadership Handbook (Pages 93-94).
As most of the Areas in our District have no major alignment changes, it is preferred to complete the Area Director election by last week of April itself, so that we will get enough time for getting them prepared for the next term. Last date to complete the election process is 1-June-2018.
Suggested steps and timeline is given below:-
Time Activity
End of March Area Director issues written notice to all Club Presidents about Area Director election (stating election date, candidate qualification, voting members, deadline for submission of nomination etc)
Mid April (or the deadline set by AD) Club President contacts all club members and forward nomination for Area Director position to the AD
4th May Annual District Council meeting (during DTAC)
Latest by 1st June Complete Area Director Election (up to FOUR weeks after the District Council meeting)
End June District Leader Training (During first District Excom of the new term)
1st July Newly elected officers take charge
Provide district contact, support, and assistance to the club so that it may achieve the club mission and fulfill its responsibilities to members. Help clubs by keeping in regular contact with club presidents in the area and by visiting each club at least twice during the year. Achieve Distinguished Area Program goals and ensure that each area club is Distinguished.
At the time of taking office, insofar as practicable, the area directors shall have served as members of a district council.
Let us continue to strengthen the foundation of District 105 that you have made through your hard work, by ensuring proper succession planning!

Logo on Trophies - Protect Toastmasters Branding Values -23-Jan

Dear Proactive Leaders,

As the contest season has begun, leaders may be arranging trophies, certificates and gift material. As it is very likely that the recipients will display these recognition items proudly to the world, it is very important that the branding guidelines are followed in order to uphold the branding consistency and to avoid any branding violations.
In case Club / Area / Division intend to use toastmasters branding elements on trophies or any other locally purchased material, please review Toastmasters’ Policy 4.0 on trademarks and copyrights.  Then obtain brand and trademarks approval by: 
1.Design. Please review the Brand Manual so your design follows brand standards. Incorporate the Toastmasters logo, language guidelines, fonts, colors, graphic elements and stock photography. If you have questions, contact Toastmasters by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
2.Submit. Submit an official Trademark Use Request Form with a sample of your design. If the Intellectual Property or Brand teams have questions, you will be contacted. 
*Please note that not all trademark use requests are approved. Only after you receive approval may you purchase or print your approved items. In all cases the Chief Executive Officer has final authority.
Authorized to use TI’s trademarks
Not Authorized to use TI’s trademarks
Clubs, areas, divisions, and districts
Stationery, business cards, bulletins, newsletters, electronic media, Web pages, program covers, agendas, and similar items only if directly related to and focused on the mission
Articles such as trophies, ribbons, banners, certificates, clothing or other items, except by specific, prior written authorization from the Chief Executive Officer
The above guidelines are not to restrict our valuable members.
To seed Toastmasters as a force for good in the world, you have to attend to how everyone experiences its brand. And to grow the Toastmasters brand and reputation from that seed, you need to apply all of its brand elements consistently. By delivering the brand experience in a consistent way, you’ll not only enhance the Toastmasters mission, you won’t disappoint anyone who tries Toastmasters, because they’ll know what to expect.
Dear Respected Club Presidents and VP Education,
On the joyful occasion of Christmas and New Year, District 105 wishes you and your family a very prosperous and peaceful year ahead.
By serving as a Club Officer for the past six months, you have undertaken a great responsibility. You have the exciting opportunity to aid your Club's success and gain valuable hands-on leadership experience. There could have been many stressful moments during this period. This is the right time to review the experience and make amendment while preparing for the remaining term in the office. A 'burnout' is a common situation encountered by officers in the Club Executive Committee. Analysis of the situation, implementation of slight changes in the approach and making the remaining term enjoyable is very much possible. Please see attached extract from Toastmasters Magazine, to assist you further. Don't miss the fun! 
Have a wonderful time. District 105 will continue to focus on providing the best experience to our members. 

Season’s Greetings from District 105 22-Dec-17

Dear Respected Club Presidents and VP Education,

On the joyful occasion of Christmas and New Year, District 105 wishes you and your family a very prosperous and peaceful year ahead.

By serving as a Club Officer for the past six months, you have undertaken a great responsibility. You have the exciting opportunity to aid your Club's success and gain valuable hands-on leadership experience. There could have been many stressful moments during this period. This is the right time to review the experience and make amendment while preparing for the remaining term in the office. A 'burnout' is a common situation encountered by officers in the Club Executive Committee. Analysis of the situation, implementation of slight changes in the approach and making the remaining term enjoyable is very much possible. Please see attached extract from Toastmasters Magazine, to assist you further. Don't miss the fun! 

Have a wonderful time. District 105 will continue to focus on providing the best experience to our members. 

First notice for Second Excom meeting on 19th Jan 2018 7-Dec-17

Through this notification, you are invited to attend the District 105 Second Executive Committee Meeting for the period 2017-18 on Friday, 19th January 2018 from 08:30 to 18:30 Hrs. at Emirates Auditorium, Emirates Airlines Headquarters, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Members of District 105 Executive Committee:-
District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Administration Manager, District Finance Manager, Division Directors, Area Directors.

Special Invitees:-
Apart from the District Executive Committee Members, only individuals who are invited by the District Director and have specific business before the committee may attend the District Executive Committee meeting. Past Leaders Committee Members, Logistic Manager, Web and Social Media Manager, Arabic Club Ambassador, District Representatives (Oman, Jordan / Lebanon) are included among special invitees.

Quorum to conduct business at the District Executive Committee meeting is established when a majority of the District Executive Committee members attend the meeting. No proxy is allowed.    

Meeting Agenda:
Agenda will be distributed later. The Executive Committee meeting, in addition to the business meeting, will mainly focus on value added education sessions, interactive workshops and panel discussions lead by respected leaders.   

All members are encouraged to pre-register for the event by an email confirmation to Administration Manager. Registration opens at 8:30 am on the meeting day.   

Travel Reimbursement:
Area and Division Directors traveling from Oman, Jordan and Lebanon will be eligible for travel re-imbursement as per limit set by District Finance Policy, upon producing the actual expense vouchers and receipts. Special invitees shall not be eligible for travel re-imbursement.

Motions for presentation to the Executive Committee Meeting must be submitted by e-mail to Administration Manager latest by 10th January 2018.  

We look forward to your attendance at this District 105 Second Executive Committee Meeting for the year 2017-18. A second notice with more details will be forwarded in due course.

District 105 Mid Year Awards 4-Dec-17

“Continuous Effort – Not Strength or Intelligence – is the Key to Unlocking Our Potential” – Winston Churchill

As we approach the mid year mark, it is heartwarming to see the clubs thriving. District has already announced following mid year awards at the beginning of the term:-

MEMBERSHIP MAXIMUS AWARD Add 10 new / dual / reinstated members to the club during November - December 31-Dec-17
CLUB DCP ACHIEVER AWARD Achieve 6 out of 10 DCP goals by 5th January 2018 05-Jan-18
CLUB FAST TRACK CC AWARD Upload 4 CCs by 5th January 2018 05-Jan-18
CLUB FAST TRACK AC AWARD Upload 2 ACs by 5th January 2018 05-Jan-18
CLUB FAST TRACK CL/AL AWARD Upload 2 CL / AL by 5th January 2018 05-Jan-18
SUPER 7 COT AWARD Get all 7 club officers trained in both rounds of COTs 28-Feb-18

Status as of 30th November is attached herewith. Many clubs are close to achieving the above awards. We will be glad to see more clubs in the winners list, leading to more celebration. Please encourage the clubs in your Area to work towards achieving the awards.

It is our intention to present the above awards to the deserving clubs at the earliest. Accordingly, we are planning to distribute ribbons / certificates during the District Executive Committee Meeting scheduled on 19th January,2018, to the Area / Division Director, to distribute to the winning clubs.

We encourage all the clubs to work on the awards and get maximum recognition.

Second Round COT 2-Dec-17

It is indeed great to see the continuing enthusiasm across the District, as the Second Round of COT is being arranged. 

Congratulations to the four Divisions of Oman in coming together for the first time ever for conducting a combined COT session for all clubs in the country.   

The second round of COT is very important to share the lessons learned during the first half of the term (most of the activities during second half will be similar to the first half - Dues renewal, Talk Up Toastmasters Award etc), to plan ahead, to visualise the success and to move in a focussed manner towards achieving the Club / Area / Division goals of the term.  

Following files are attached herewith to use during the COT session as required:-

- Goals for December-March (power point presentation that can be included with the COT, for quick reminder of goals) 

- 'Why Club Officer Training' (Article from TI Magazine that can be send alongwith the invitation to motivate officers to attend second round of COT)

May the second round COT be filled with value added education segments. Wishing you all the very best for the event.

Pathways Guides Coordinator 29-Nov-17

We are fast approaching the targeted date for the Pathways program to go live in our District, which is March 2018. I would like to acknowledge and thank all those Toastmasters who have applied for the Pathway Guide position. Appreciate their support to this endeavor as well as to the Pathways Ambassadors and the Chief Ambassador. 

In order to facilitate and ensure that the next three months of our ride is slightly comfortable rather than with Turbulence, I am happy to announce that one of our PQD team members TM G. K. Lakshmi (HSBC Toastmasters Club, Division J) has volunteered to assist the team as the central Pathway Guides Coordinator for District 105. It's a pleasure when people like Lakshmi volunteer to take up such roles and I am sure with her commitment and support, it will be a very successful ride. Lakshmi will perform under the guidance of our able Chief Ambassador DTM Uma Radhakrishnan. 

On behalf of all of us, I wish her all the best. Please circulate this message to all clubs in your respective Areas / Divisions without fail. 

Invitation for Nomination 27-Nov-17

Dear District 105 Members,

As the District 105 Leadership Chair, it is my privilege to seek nominations for the Toastmasters Year commencing 1st July 2018.

Nominations are invited for the following positions:

• District Director, D 105 (UAE, Oman, Jordan & Lebanon)
• Program Quality Director
• Club Growth Director
• Division Directors (for Divisions A to J, total 10 divisions)

For more details on the procedure, qualifications etc, please refer to District 105 website.

Toastmasters may nominate themselves or another Toastmaster, provided the qualification criteria are met.

The Nominations should be sent to the District Director DTM Sunil Kottarathil (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and District Leadership Committee Chair DTM Devlal Sahadevan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) ONLY, latest by 31-January-2018. 

Arabic Speech Contest Plan 14-Nov-17

In addition to the conventional English Speech Contests, District 105 promotes Arabic Speech Contests as well, starting from Club level, all the way up to District level. All clubs, irrespective of the meeting language followed, are encouraged to participate in Arabic Speech Contests (International, Humorous, Evaluation and Table Topics).

Please refer to Rulebook Page 5 Clause 1.B which states:- Contests must originate at the club level and proceed through the area, division, and district levels, respectively; only contests following this progression are permitted at each level. All clubs are eligible to advance contestants to the area level in all contests regardless of the contest language or the primary language of the club.)

Please note the following: 

- Any club (irrespective of its language - English or Arabic) can participate in Arabic speech contest

- Club can either conduct the contest or nominate contestants to Area level.

- Area and Division level contests are must to be conducted to proceed to District level contests

- All Areas / Division contest can be held together on a single day to utilise the resources (judges etc) effectively. 

Areas Directors under Divisions B, F, I and J are requested to contact their clubs and forward the list of clubs interested to participate in Arabic Speech Contest to Area 29 Director TM Ahmed Yahya with copy to PQD, latest by 15- December-2017, for contest preparation / arrangement. 

As carried out last year, this year also, a combined Area and Division level Arabic speech contest will be organised (including judges) with the help of the only Arabic club in Dubai "UAE Leaders Toastmasters Club and its committed leaders DTM Essa Al Suwaidi and TM Ahmed Yahya.  

For speech contest resources, please refer to District Website 

Final MOM of the first District 105 council meeting held on 20th October 2017 13-Nov-17

Dear District 105 Council member,

Further to the draft MOM distributed on 20th October, please find attached detailed final Minutes of First District 105 Council Meeting, for your information and records. 

In order to serve you better, your feedback and valuable suggestions are very important. We request all the leaders who attended the council meeting (in person or via proxy) to click on the below link and complete the feedback form to help us, in our endeavour to provide a better learning experience in future. 

Survey link: 

Your opinion is very valuable to us.

AD / Div.D and Toastmaster of the Year Recognition (2016-17) 8-Nov-17

The level of commitment and dedication you all have put forward during your term last year as Area / Division directors was extra ordinary. The success we enjoy at District 105 today was due to strong foundation you have created together. Here is the opportunity to get recognized for your efforts.

Please submit your application to get selected as the best Area / Division Director of the Year (2016-17) by filling up the application form (download from District105 website) and forwarding to Past District Director DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and copy to Past PQD DTM Sunil Kottarathil (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Past CGD DTM Srikumar Pai (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Though last date to receive application is 1-April-2018, it is recommended to submit at the earliest.

In addition, please encourage the members who have shown outstanding performance during last year to apply for Toastmaster of the Year Award.

Keep up the good work by guiding the current leaders and taking District 105 to new heights.

Plan Well and Make the Best out of the Contest Season 8-Nov-17

“Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.” – Thomas Alva Edison.

The club annual speech contest is the best opportunity to strengthen a weak club. If any of the clubs in your Area is struggling in any aspect, help them to plan their speech contest from today, and see the magical transformation.

Here are a few tips:-

- Call the club VP-Education / President and fix the contest dates

- Appoint contest chair

- Encourage all club members to take part in the contest (let every member use this opportunity to test their development towards being a better speaker)

- Plan to make the contest a special event (showcase event to attract more members, bring back old members, boost energy of club members etc)

Clubs can get maximum benefit from conducting quality speech contest. As the contest season is fast approaching, District 105 has compiled all required resources in the District website to support the clubs in conducting a quality speech contest. Plan early, make the club contest a special event to overcome any challenge the club may be facing.

Learn and Implement Lessons to Make the Future Brighter 7-Nov-17

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

We are sure, with the remarkable job you have done during the last four months, you have gained a lot of quality experience to make you prepared for the remaining term and to help you lead at higher levels. As most of the activities of the first half are repeated during the second half, we will be able to plan better to bring more impressive results.

First Half Activity Second Half Activity Remarks
Smedley Award (Aug-Sept) Talk Up Toastmasters Award (Feb-March) Spread awareness early, make use of club contest to attract more new/ dual/ reinstated members
October dues renewal for clubs (15-Aug to 30-Sept) April dues renewal for clubs (15-Feb to 31-March) Spread awareness to collect dues from members beginning January itself
AD Club Visit report submission (Jul-Nov) AD Club Visit report submission (Jan-May) Visit the club during contest, collect data from dashboard

In addition, other activities during the second half are:-
- Speech contest at all levels
- District Nomination and Election process
Re-alignment process for Clubs/ Areas/ Divisions
In order to serve the members better, we have created specific tabs for each of the above activity in District 105 Website.

By bringing the deserving comfort level for carrying out the above activities, it will be our focus to help in elevating all Areas to Presidents Distinguished Status. Review the status of your Area in dashboard and plan to complete the remaining tasks in the key performance areas:-
- Charter a new club in your Area by converting any lead
- Assist and guide the clubs to be Distinguished or higher.

Let us continue the winning streak and finish the term towards a grand celebration together!

“Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself” – Paul Btyant

Strengthen the Clubs in Nov–Dec through Open House 6-Nov-17

Members are the backbone of our program. The one success factor that will make the biggest difference right now, for most clubs, is membership. It's not just about the numbers - it's about the people whose lives can be changed. The biggest service a club can provide is for the new members who join the club. They don't know it then that their lives are about to be changed. It's exciting being part of that change. Are you ready to be part of that life changing experience?

November – December is the right time to plan an Open House or a membership drive campaign because from January onwards the clubs get busy with the contest season. This can provide additional leadership opportunities for our members who want to complete their CL track (CL Project 6, 8 & 10). Additionally, any club that adds 10 new members in November - December will receive recognition for District 105 Membership Maximus Award.

Utilise this time to strengthen all clubs to 20+ members. We highly appreciate your continued dedication in strengthening the Toastmasters program in District 105.

Preparing District 105 for Long Term Growth 2-Nov-17

Reformed into a new District this year, the District 105 team has initiated our dream to bring back the past glory to our District through sincere service to our members and clubs. With the District’s long term goals in mind, we have already appointed the District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chairman and have initiated the nomination processfor 2018-19 term. 

Having successfully served our District in the past as Area / Division / District leaders, we will be glad to see you utilizing your rich experience for further enhancing our District to its deserving glorious heights by moving on to the next level in District leadership. Watch out for the official call for nomination by end November through our District Website.

In case you have no intention to take up a District Leadership role, it will be highly appreciated if you can consider the other roles where your experience can be utilized and convey the interest by return mail:-

DLC member

Pathways Guide

Club Coach  

Dr. Ralph Smedley once said, “Here we are, with tremendous opportunity before us. I challenge you to get to work to bring us up to a higher level of service. Let us share with others the benefits we have gained for ourselves.”

High Performance Leadership 2-Nov-17

While it is imperative that we improve our skills as we move on in our Toastmaster's career, it is also necessary that we mark our goals every year and try to achieve them. One of the goals, I am sure, which many of you might have marked out would be to become a DISTINGUISHED TOASTMASTER (DTM). All the more because of the announcement that Pathways is underway and those of you who are half way or almost there, need to get to your goals as early as possible as well as keep up the quality of your learning. 

One distinct requirement to get to the goal of becoming a DTM is the High Performance Leadership Program (HPL). We have many Toastmasters in our District who are either stuck or lack understanding or procrastinating on this one aspect. In order to assist you, we have in our PQD - 2017/18 team an HPL Expert - DTM Hariharan A. 

I attach herewith a presentation which Hariharan has prepared for all to understand what is this program, why we need to do, what sort of projects can form an HPL etc., This is an initiative from the PQD team to all of you so that if at any time during the course of this year, you wish to complete your HPL, just GO FOR IT. 

Vuew Pdf

Publish Your Success Stories 29-Oct-17

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: 
First, by reflection, which is noblest; 
Second, by imitation, which is easiest; 
and third by experience, which is the bitterest”
– Confucius

District 105 has witnessed many magical and inspirational moments at the Club, Area and Division levels during the last four months. The leaders at each level have faced challenges and have overcome them successfully, to elevate each unit to exceptional levels. As the dedicated efforts keep drawing immense satisfaction and a positive learning experience among members, District 105 wants to recognize the success stories of our members and clubs, by publishing them on our website.

A specific tab has been created in our website to publish the success stories. Members and Clubs are encouraged to forward the success stories for publication, in 200 to 500 words.

Let the whole world know your success stories! Share them, celebrate the achievement!

MOM of the first council meeting held on 20th October 2017 – 20-Oct-17

Dear District Council Member,

Thank you for your active participation in the First Council Meeting of District 105 held today at the Emirates Headquarters Auditorium, Dubai, UAE.

Please find attached the draft meeting minutes for your review.

I hereby solicit your review and observations if any, latest by 30th October 2017. 

Best regards,

Saju Varghese, DTM
Administration Manager, District 105

Speech Contests - Selection Sequence (Rulebook Section 3 B) – 16-Oct-17

Reference to the upcoming Speech Contests - 2017-18, please note that the Contest Rule book is available on the TI Website.  Appreciate if you could download it and ensure that this is the Rule book which shall be used for the contests. 
In this context, I would request you to kindly refer to Section - General Rules for all Toastmaster Speech Contests; Point number 3 B - Selection Sequence. 

Please note that District 105 would like to exercise the options as below:
- Eight weeks prior to the Area Contest, if an Area has four assigned clubs or fewer in good standing, two contestants from each club can participate at the Area level Contest. 
- If a Division has four Areas or less, the two highest-placed available contestants from each Area will be allowed to compete at the Division contest. 

Each Division can send the highest positioned available winner to the District level Contest during DTAC. 

The TEN contestants (one from each Division) will contest for the District Speech Contest Winner Title. 

Appreciate if this is circulated to all clubs in your respective Areas / Divisions and if you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to revert to me. 

Thanks & Regards

Nagabhushan Balaji, DTM
Program Quality Director, 2017-18

DTAC Early Bird Registration Closes on 20th October 2017 – 15-Oct-17

Dear Club Leaders,

As you may be aware, the DTAC 2018 Early Bird Registration is open. Grab the opportunity and register at

The registration fee can be collected from club members by the Club President / VP Education who will be attending the District Excom Meeting on this Friday, 20th October and pay directly to the DTAC Registration team.

Please cascade this mail to all club members so that maximum members will get benefit from this Early Bird Registration offer. 

The Early Bird Rates are follows:
1.       USD 150/-
2.       UAE DHS 550/-
3.       JOD 105/-
4.       OMR 58/-

For more details visit,

Ensure Club Representation at District Council Meeting – 14-Oct-17

Dear Club President and VP Education,

If you are unable to attend the District Council Meeting on 20th October, designate any other active/ enthusiastic club member as your proxy by using the attached form. 

Trust you have received the below mail from District Administration Manager notifying about the District 105 Council Meeting on 20th October 2017. District is all set to make its first council meeting an educational event that will be remembered for its unique value added sessions. The duration of conventional agenda items are kept to a minimum, so that  all can draw maximum benefit from the event. 

As the event is specially designed for the benefit of the clubs, let the opportunity not be missed.  

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today" - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Congratulations on Achieving SMEDLEY Award – 14-Oct-17

Congratulations, proud leaders for securing the Smedley Award again this year, by adding 5 new/ dual/ re-instated members to your club! District 105 is so proud of your team. Tentative list of Smedley Award Winning clubs in our District is attached herewith. The official list is expected to be published by TI mid October and the ribbon mailed directly to the club by end November.  

Plan to achieve all the ribbons this year
- Talk Up Toastmasters Award 
- Beat the Clock
- Membership Maximus Award
- Presidents Distinguished Club
Let the club shine this year more than ever in its history, under your able leadership.

Spread the benefit of Toastmasters around, let the Companies or group of people around you get the opportunity to enjoy the benefits by chartering a new Toastmasters Club. Continue to be a catalyst in making a positive change in the world around you!

"The More You Praise and Celebrate Your Life, the More There is in Life to Celebrate" - Oprah Winfrey

Selection Criteria for Area / Division Director of the Year 2017-18 – 13-Oct-17

“Never, in the history of the world, has there been such abundant opportunity as there is now for the person who is willing to serve before trying to collect.” – Napoleon Hill

Recognizing the Area and Division Director of the Year is a tradition we follow in our District. This year, we are introducing the selection entirely objective based on performance, through a point system.

Selection criteria are given below:-

- 10 points for each Club that reaches Distinguished or Higher by 30th June 2018
- 10 points for each Club Visit Reports (first visit) submitted to WHQ by 31st October 2017
- 10 points for each Club Visit Reports (second visit) submitted to WHQ by 30th April 2018
- 40 points for each net increase in paid clubs by 30th June 2018
- Deduction of 10 points for each club that gets suspended or fails in April dues renewal
- 5 points for attending each District Council Meeting (October and May)
- 5 points for attending each District Executive Committee Meeting (June, January, May)
In case of tie, Area ranking position as reflected in dashboard ( will be referred.

- 20 points for meeting the Distinguished Division Program Goals (Distinguished Clubs, Club Retention)
- 40 points for each net increase in paid clubs by 30th June 2018
- Deduction of 10 points for each club that gets suspended or fails in April dues renewal
In case of tie, Division ranking position as reflected in dashboard ( will be referred.

In addition to the above, District will be recognizing ‘Toastmaster of the Year’, from the active members who will be contributing towards District Mission. The selection criteria will be forwarded separately. The winner (all categories) will be notified within three months of completing the current toastmasters year. The awards will be presented during DTAC 2019.

“The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective - people who know to see a problem as an opportunity.” – Deepak Chopra



I’m sure that you are all excited about our upcoming Pathways Program and its modernized educational experience. We have already recruited individual Ambassadors who are doing a fantastic job creating an awareness about the program.

To ensure that we are ready for roll-out well before the dates which we presume will be during the first half of 2018, now would be a good time to recruit another set of officers, the Pathways Guides (PWGs). PWGs would be working along with the Pathway Ambassadors, to educate club members and officers on the program and support. 

This is a call inviting applications towards the post of PATHWAYS GUIDES.  Attached please find two documents; The Pathways Guide Role Description and the Pathways Guide Application.  If you think you would make a great Pathways Guide, please complete the applications and send it along with the requested additional information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before November 5, 2017.

The timeline will be as follows:

Deadline to receive nominations                           :  November 5, 2017

Review of applications                                            :  Between November 5, 2017 – November 25, 2017

District Appointment of PWGs                               :  December 1, 2017

Please remember that your term will start only as per the timeline set by Toastmasters International.  The above timeline is to make sure that our District is ready to get started when Pathways arrives in our District.

Let’s put our best foot forward!

Glory of First Quarter and Preparation for Second Quarter – 11-Oct-17

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored." - Earl Nightingale

The First Quarter of the current toastmasters year is just completed with flying colours, and we are already into the second one!

It was a great experience to witness the team spirit and collaborative approach by all of you in working towards the goals. Well Done! District 105 is so proud of you all for the dedicated efforts put in specially during the second half of September.

Some of the areas you have collectively contributed to reach excellence are:- 

1)    Successful Excom meeting on 16th June, value added education workshop / sessions in the         presence of Toastmasters First Vice President DTM Deepak Menon
2)    Club Officer Information submission by all clubs by 30th June (100%)
3)    Area and Division Directors Training (100%)
4)    Club Officer Training under direct supervision of PQD (close to 100%)
5)    Proxy submission by clubs for international convention (close to 100%)
6)    Successful Interactive Event by WCPS Manoj Vasudevan in Dubai and the media coverage thereafter
7)    More than 100 clubs achieving Smedley Award
8)    6 new clubs chartered during first quarter 
9)    186 out of 196 clubs completed October dues renewal.

The District is already geared up to start the Second Quarter, with detailed planning to make the First Council Meeting (scheduled on 20th October in Dubai) a memorable one. Avoiding conventional pattern, we have kept the official council meeting session to a  minimum, allocating more time for value added education and training sessions that will be interesting and beneficial for our leaders. 

As we move ahead, the following is the plan for the second quarter goals:-

1) Complete Area Directors Club Visit report submission
2) Get prepared for the contest season - Carry out Judges Training session  
3) Get prepared for second round of COT (starting from 1st December)
4) Go for open houses / membership driving campaigns and strengthen the clubs with more members
5) Encourage Clubs to participate in District Membership Maximus Award 
6) Work on the requirements to be Presidents Distinguished Area. Work on the leads and accelerate process of chartering a new club in your Area. 

Let us continue the momentum we have created collectively to reach a glorious status that we all can be proud of. Keep inspiring us with the excellent performance you are putting forward!

"We share one heart, one home, and one glorious destiny."  - Donald Trump

Second Notice for First District 105 Council Meeting - 5-Oct-2017

Dear District Council Member, 

I am sure, all of you are geared up to attend our first council meeting of District 105 on 20th October, 2017 from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm at the Emirates Headquarter Auditorium, Dubai, UAE.

Let me present the full information kit with online attachments. Don’t miss viewing them.

• Please find the flyer here. [View Flyer]
• Please find the tentative agenda here. [View Agenda]
• Please find the message from our District Finance Manager, DTM Ramesh Anantharaman, along with the Voucher for Travel Reimbursement. [View Document]
• Please Download the Full Information Kit (Flyer, Agenda, Voucher for Travel Reimbursement.)

Few of you have already sent your confirmations via email. Since we require few more details, I am presenting an online form to be filled to avoid any registration delays at the venue. Please Click here to fill the online form.

We can achieve magical things when we come together as one team. Looking forward for a day of learning and fun, with each and every one of you on the 20th October 2017 in Dubai. 

Best regards,

Saju Varghese, DTM 
Administration Manager, District 105 

Appointment of District Leadership Committee Chair – 1-Oct-2017

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”  – Jack Welch

District 105 announces the appointment of Devlal Sahadevan, DTM, as the District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chair for the year 2017-18.

The DLC will receive nominations from active members of District 105 for the following positions for the 2018-19 term:-

  • - District Director
  • - Program Quality Director
  • - Club Growth Director
  • - Division Directors

The activities of the Committee and their corresponding timelines are listed below:-

Timeline Activity
1-Nov Form full Committee
1-Dec Call for nominations to seek out prospective candidates
Dec-January Receive Nominations
Feb-March Evaluate and Interview Candidates
20-March Submit Nomination Report to DD
1-April DD Publishes report to District Council Members
4-May Election to District Office (During DTAC 2018)

We wish all the very best to DTM Devlal Sahadevan in his new assignment.

Appointment of District Alignment Committee Chair – 1-Oct-2017

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek” – Barack Obama

District 105 announces the appointment of TM Ravi Moosad, ACG ALB, as District Alignment Chair for the year 2017-18.

The Alignment Committee will study the current club growth together with the current Division Directors and will put forward a plan for the next program year (starting July-2018), that will serve the clubs in the most effective way possible, while meeting TI policy requirements. The timeline for committee’s activities are listed below, for information:-

Timeline Activity
December Forms full Committee and collects background data
January/ February Collects alignment changes gathering input from Area and Division Directors
March Prepares Alignment Proposal and submits to District Excomfor review. Changes are notified to the clubs affected.
4-May District Council approves final alignment (during DTAC)
1-July New Division/ Area/ Club alignment comes into effect

We wish all the very best to TM Ravi Moosad in his assignment and request support from Area and Division Directors to come up with the best re-alignment proposal for next year.

Make this September Amazing – 27-Sept-2017

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” – Warren G Bennis

Are you experiencing what most of the Toastmasters leaders were experiencing for the past few days? If not, you may be missing out on some great opportunities!

It is amazing to see the leaders rise to the occasion and encourage each other to complete the September deadlines (Smedley Award and October dues renewal). Be it the direct calls, messages, mails, meetings in person, or the extra mile that the leaders have travelled while guiding the clubs to achieve their first TI ribbon of the year (Smedley Award), the positive energy generated was tremendous. Many club leaders were fortunate to breathe in the fragrance of service leadership while leading their clubs to glory.

More than 60 clubs have already confirmed winning SMEDLEY Award by adding FIVE new / dual / reinstated members during August / September period. While registering the members, please ensure to select start date of membership as 1st September. District 105 is all set to celebrate the incredible feat of achieving maximum number of SMEDLEY Award winning clubs! JOIN and BE A PART OF IT! Let the last few days of September witness an amazing experience in your leadership!

“Community organizing is all about building grassroots support. It’s all about identifying the people around you with whom you can create a common, passionate cause. And it’s about ignoring the conventional wisdom of company politics and instead playing the game by very different rules” – Tom Peters

HPL and EASYSPEAK Champion Appointment – 16-Sept-2017

It is an honor to announce two more additions into the PQD Team for the year 2017-18. I shall shortly make this announcement on the District Facebook page, but wished to send all of you a mail so that it would be easy for you to communicate to your respective clubs. 

It is the endeavor of this team to help you with all education efforts. It is also our aim to serve you to the best of our abilities so that we end up with every club in our District as Distinguished Clubs or above. 


I would like to extend our warm welcome to DTM Ayyap Hariharan, member of Star of Arabia, Area 33, Division J. Hariharan is a Strategist, Communications Specialist, Advisor, Consultant, Trainer & Educator by profession. He has been a Toastmaster from the Year 2007 and achieved his DTM in the year 2016. He has served the club as President as well as been the Area Director, Area 82, Division J. He has 40 years of Senior Management Experience in large organizations. 

He shall be our HIGH PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP CHAMPION. Any matters related to clarification, education, training related to this program can be escalated to DTM Hariharan directly. I am sure  quite a few Toastmasters who wish to complete their journey towards DTM before Pathways is introduced, will look up to Hariharan for advise and assistance. 


I would like to extent our warm welcome to TM Eshwari Venugopal. Eshwari is a Toastmaster from TGIS Toastmasters club, Area 23, Division B and is presently the Vice President Education of the Club. She is presently employed with Dubai Customs as a Programmer. She is a strong advocate of mental health and humanitarian volunteering with multiple Organizations. 

Easy Speak is a platform which Toastmasters International recommends for TM clubs. This is a platform which makes work and monitoring easy for Vice President Education in clubs. A tool where you can align your goals, set parameters for members to follow, complete their projects, roles as well as create meeting Agendas. This tool is wonderful and has a lot to offer. In fact, I am a member of the Firebirds Online Toastmasters Club and was amazed to look at the tool and how it is managed. 

TM Eshwari is an expert in this domain and she has implemented this in her club at the beginning of this Toastmaster year. Not only that, she is helping us implement this tool in many clubs across the United Arab Emirates. We wish that all Toastmaster clubs in our District take her assistance and try to implement this tool. The best part of this tool is the interaction between club Vice President Educations of different clubs - in fact, any club in the world which is on this platform is visible to all the clubs - dates of meeting, country, venue, agenda etc., I am enjoying the fruits of this tool and I wish this is implemented all over the District. 

At your service, 
PQD and the team, 

District 105 Expenses Claim Process and Policy – 16-Sept-2017

Please find the Voucher for claiming approved expenses along with the Policy and Limits for the expenses which can be claimed from the District funds. We have attempted to make the process simpler. Please feel free to write to me should you need any clarifications on the process.
As Toastmasters International is a non-profit organisation, we have to follow strict auditing guidelines and stick to the process outlined. The finance team comprising of TM Aravind Edayillam, TM Manu Nair and TM CS Arun will do their best to ensure a smooth financial process.
Though the standard rule is for the claims to be submitted within 60 days of incurring the expense, as an exception, the expenses incurred between 1st July 2017 and 31st July 2017 can be submitted till 30th September 2017. For all expenses incurred after the 1st August 2017, the standard rule applies.
With best regards
R Ramesh Anantharaman, DTM
District Finance Manager (District 105),

Final District 105 Budget for Acceptance – 14-Sept-2017

We have received consent from TI on the District budget, which the District Finance Manager has been working on for past several weeks, by communicating with TI and improving it regularly to meet TI's financial policies and to support District's vision.

Though the budget demands an additional US$51,784 from TI funds to meet deficiency, it has been granted considering the strong vision we have for our District this year:-
- To assist all Areas to be Presidents Distinguished
- To support all Clubs to be Distinguished
We are glad to present the details of the District budget in the attached file.
Due to the geographical nature of the District, travel expenses consume majority of the funds. Yet, we have made the maximum possible fund allocation to the two key performance areas
- Education and Training (Values added sessions, Effective Workshops, COT)
- Marketing (new clubs, new members)
Please go through the attached file for details of the District budget. Appreciate if you can reply with your acceptance / approval before this Saturday, 16th September 2017. We will then send the confirmation to TI so that we can get the funds released for reimbursement. Please keep all the bills related to COT etc ready for reimbursement. 

Thank you for your continued support in serving you. 

Key Performance Areas for September – 11-Sept-2017

Congratulations on the successful phase so far. As a result of your commitment and dedication during the first two months, the District has witnessed its best performance ever. Successful completion of Club Officers Training, Club proxy assignment and starting of dues renewal have proved that you can lead the Clubs/ Area/ Division to excellence in this year through focused efforts.
During the month of September, the critical performance areas are:
- October dues renewal for all clubs
- Smedley Award for all clubs
With direct follow up and guidance to the clubs in next three weeks, we can ensure that both the above goals are completed well ahead of the deadline (30th September),  creating another opportunity to celebrate collective success.
October Dues Renewal:-
Clubs shall be encouraged to go for renewal of all the base members and new members.
The clubs with less than a charter strength of 20 members shall be aiming to meet the magic figure of 20 to ensure sustainability.
For struggling clubs, October dues renewal of the Club Excom members (7 officers and Immediate Past President) alone can meet the minimum requirement (renewal of 8 members).
Refer to daily updated October dues renewal status in the dashboard.
Smedley Award:-
Aim to achieve 100% clubs in your Area/ Division to win Smedley Award and create an unprecedented success story during your term as Area/ Division Director.
Finding 5 new members may be challenging for some clubs, specially the corporate clubs. However, finding 5 dual or re-instated members and encouraging them to join the club can be comparatively easy. The club can initially register the dual/ reinstated members for the month of September (start date of membership 1st September and end date of membership 30th September) by paying only $7.5 per member. Once the dual/ reinstated member decides to continue with the club, they can pay the full club dues and renew membership for next six months (till March 2018).
Let us aim to achieve 100% Club Dues Renewal and Smedley Award.

First Notice for First District 105 Council Meeting-20-Oct-2017 – 7-Sept-2017

Greetings from the District Office.

This is the first notice for the First District 105 Council Meeting to be held on Friday, 20th October 2017 from 8:30 to 18:30 Hrs at Emirates Auditorium, Emirates Airlines Headquarters, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Value added education sessions and interactive workshops lead by Toastmasters International Director and Region Advisor are being planned as part of the council meeting. Please mark your calendar and start preparing your travel plans to attend the meeting.

Looking forward for your attendance at The District 105 Council Meeting on 20th October 2017. Your early confirmation will be highly appreciated. 

Please forward this email with the attachment to the President and VP-Education of all the clubs under your Area. 

Best regards,

Saju Varghese, ACS ALB
Administration Manager, District 105,

September – The Month of Happenings in Toastmasters Clubs – 1-Sept-2017

Greeting from District 105 Director, Sunil Kottarathil, DTM


Dear Club Officers,

Congratulations for an effective kick start of Toastmasters year. While June to August is the period for training and strengthening the base by preparing club success plan, September is the month of happenings – real action to get maximum satisfaction as a club officer!


Submit the club members dues renewal through Club Central at the earliest without waiting for the deadline of September 30th. The requirements are:-

- Dues renewal for 8 members – minimum requirement for club to be in good standing

- Dues renewal for 25 members by 10th September – to earn D105 Lead and Win Award

Ensure membership retention by following up with the members who are yet to pay the dues.


Add 5 new / dual / reinstated members during September and earn the first ribbon of the year – The Smedley Award. To qualify for the award, pay special attention on the following while registering the new members through Club Central:-

- Start date of membership shall be either 1-Aug or 1-Sept.

- End date of membership can be 30-Sept or 31-Mar

September is the best time to bring back past members to the club. Invite them, re-instate them for one month by paying US$ 7.50 and later renew them for the next six months.

Ensure the deserving members get sponsorship credit for bringing in new/ dual/ reinstate members, by selecting the sponsor tag while registering the member through Club Central.


Utilise each and every opportunity to celebrate success. Ensure the club celebrates winning Smedley Award. May the achievement raise the level of enthusiasm among the members. Let the new energy take the club to new heights.


Over the years clubs find the best practices that work for them. Capture them and implement to take the club to new heights. Refer to some of the best practices in District 105 website that can be followed by your club.

Make this year the best in your Toastmasters journey, by implementing the service leadership as a club officer in your club.

Make the Best Out of Your Toastmasters Journey – 1-Sept-2017

Greeting from District 105 Director, Sunil Kottarathil, DTM

Two months into the new toastmasters year, District 105 is all set to ensure positive learning experience for each of our members. Here are few tips:-

Plan to achieve at least one Educational Award (CC, CL, ACB, ALB, HPL etc) during this toastmasters year. Keep growing by utilizing the Toastmasters Education Program effectively. More exciting learning modules will be added to the Toastmasters Education Program through PATHWAYS, which will be available from early 2018. 
Pay your club dues to the club treasurer and renew your membership for Oct-March term today (if not done already).  

Invite your friends to join your club. Toastmasters International has a yearly contest to reward individuals who sponsor five, 10 and 15 members. Bring in 5 members to your club and earn a unique blue pin directly from Toastmasters International.

September is the month for strengthening the club by bringing in new members. Help your club to add 5 new / dual / reinstated members during September and receive the first ribbon of the year – The Smedley Award!

By adding new members, your club will benefit:
Increasing more meeting participation
Improving learning opportunities
Adding chances to hone new skills

Know more about the District 105 and its structure from District 105 website. Explore the resources and links provided to make your toastmasters journey more meaningful. Refer to the list of District Awards and Recognition and plan to earn as many recognitionduringthis year.

Join the District 105 Facebook Page and read member and club experience / events across District 105 (Jordan, Lebanon, Oman and UAE). Share your toastmasters experience! Let the World Know!

When you grow utilizing Toastmasters Education Program, you are growing –
- Your club
- Your Area
- Your division
- Your District
- and Toastmasters Education Program

Keep Growing, Keep Glowing!

Club Officer Training Consolidation – 30-Aug-2017

We would like to extend our profound thanks and Congratulate the Area and Division Directors for their efforts and having ensured that maximum number of club officers have been trained during the period July - August 2017. I attach herewith the consolidated report showing the number of clubs and officers trained during this period for your reference. 

While there are only very few clubs which have officers yet to be trained, our Division and Area Directors are striving their best to complete it by tomorrow. I am sure we shall have improvement on this status too. 

I have also compiled the number of clubs in each Area wherein seven out of seven officers have been trained during this period. 

I would like to mention here that two Area Directors - Mandarr Agshikar (Area 34 -Division J) and Anil Kumar Vidyadharan (Area 36 - Division J) have trained all the officers in all the clubs in their respective Areas - Congratulations. If I have missed out anyone else, please let me know without fail. Efforts have to be appreciated. 

I am waiting for more updates by tomorrow to close out. In the meanwhile, I request all of you to kindly verify the report as this is what has been logged into TMI as at this moment and if there are any discrepancies, kindly highlight so that we can rectify by tomorrow. 

Congratulations! Keep Moving Ahead! – 16-Aug-2017

"Success is the Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated Day in and Day out" - Robert Collier 

Congratulations on completing the club proxy assignment proactively. It might have been a simple task for you, but the joy and celebration generated among the District 105 family is very rewarding, as we have registered an all-time record of 88% clubs completing the goal. We are so proud that your club is a part of this wonderful family that keep spreading moments of joy and happiness. Keep up the spirit!
District 105 is committed to seeing clubs excel in their journey by accomplishing all milestones. With your proactive approach and support, we can continue celebrating the joy of simple success from time to time. Please note some of the main active tasks at this moment:-

Sr. No. Goal How to Achieve Deadline
1 Membership dues renewal for October-March period Pay online through Club Central. Renew minimum 8 members before 30th September to earn DCP goal #10a
2 SMEDLEY Award Add 5 new / dual / reinstated members with start date as 1st Aug or 1st Sept. Add members and make their membership payment before 30thSeptember
3 Lead and Win Award (CGD) Complete October dues renewal for minimum 25 members by 10-Sept-2017. 10-Sept-17
We have added a new page in our District website to track all the reports you may need to plan your goals. Please be encouraged to use the resources provided.

Start Collecting Membership Dues Renewal for Oct-March – 9-Aug-2017

“Doing the Best at This Moment Puts you in the Best Place for the Next Moment” – Oprah Winfrey

For some of the newly elected club treasurers, collection of membership renewal dues from members is often a tough task, leading to a stressful situation as the deadline approaches. In order to avoid missing the deadline or the corresponding DCP goal, successful clubs start the dues collection process much earlier – from July or January itself, for the October / April dues renewal.

Please note the following points:-
-  Membership dues for 6 months is $45 per member
-  There will not be any grace period for membership
-  Clubs / Members who fail to pay dues renewal before the deadline of 1st October will not be in Good Standing
-  Clubs to submit dues renewal for minimum 8 members before the deadline to secure the corresponding DCP goal and to ensure to be in Good Standing.
-  Club Treasurer or any club officer can start membership renewal dues payment online from last week of August.

Be proactive, Start early, Avoid last moment worries.

Meetings Can Be Fun – 8-Aug-2017

In the Education Session, Moments of Truth - one of the points we discuss is "why do members leave our club" - lots of reasons however many of them leave because our meetings are the same, day in and out without any variety. Having fun during meetings or arranging fun meetings will definitely help our clubs not only to retain but also build their membership which eventually results in a healthy club. 

This month's Toastmasters magazine has a lovely article on how to have fun meetings or include fun in our regular meetings. Go on, click this link and spend just ten minutes reading:

For example - the Digerati Toastmasters club every year conducts an UN day meeting - during this meeting, all members and guests dress in clothes which represent their country.

I am sure, once you read through and see the list of themes through the link, you will be wonder struck and start implementing them one by one. 

Introducing Team CGD – 27-July-2017

As the saying goes "Together Everyone Achieves More".  To help the Members, Clubs, Areas & Divisions to achieve their Goals, we have a team of experienced, dedicated and committed Toastmasters as part of the CGD Team for 2017-2018. This team will do their best to give all necessary support and help with the responsibilities of the Club Growth Director for District 105.

Please welcome TEAM CGD for 2017-2018.

Club Extension Chair - TM Deepak Gulati
Club Quality Chair - DTM Salam Mohammed Salar
Asst. Club Quality Chair - TM Nimmi Shibu
Club Retention Chair - DTM Andie Petrides
Asst. Club Retention Chair - TM Abdul Khaliq
CGD Media Champion - TM Bosco Mascarenhas

10 Qualities of Superior Leaders – 27-July-2017

Successful leaders share the following characteristics or views:

1. Mission: 
Leaders know what their mission is. They know why the organization exists. A superior leader has a well thought out (often written) mission describing the purpose of the organization. That purpose need not be esoteric or abstract, but rather descriptive, clear and understandable. In the case of Toastmasters, every member should be able to identify himself or herself with the mission and strive to achieve it.

2. Vision:
Where do you want your Division or your Area or your club to go – to what heights do you want to take it up to? A vision needs to be abstract enough to encourage people to imagine it but concrete enough for followers to see it, understand it and be willing to climb onboard to fulfill it.

3. Goal: 
How is the organization going to achieve its mission and vision and how will you measure your progress? Like a vision, goals need to be operational; that is specific and measurable. If your output and results can't be readily measured, then it will be difficult to know if you have achieved your purpose. You may have wasted important resources (time, money, people etc.) pursuing a strategy or plan without knowing if it truly succeeded. So, in your clubs, Areas & Divisions please plan in such a way that your goals and your targets can be measured, monitored and achieved.
4. Competency: 
You must be seen by your members and followers as being an expert in your field or an expert in leadership. Unless your constituents see you as highly credentialed--either by academic degree or with specialized experience--and capable of leading your group to success, it will be more difficult for you to be as respected, admired, or followed.

Practically speaking, not all leaders possess all of the characteristics that spell success. Many leaders learn along the way with hard work. As crises and challenges arise, those at the top of the hierarchy have key opportunities to demonstrate to others that they are in fact, qualified to be leaders. In actuality, greater competency can be achieved as and how you move day after day in your leadership and acquire those qualities to be a great leader. That is the reason this organization has the Tag Line “Where Leaders Are Made”.

5. A strong team: 
Realistically, few leaders possess all of the skills and abilities necessary to demonstrate total mastery of every requisite area. To complement the areas where he or she is not an expert, a wise leader assembles effective teams of experienced, credentialed, and capable individuals who can supplement any voids in the leader's skill set. This ability is what sets leaders apart from others. That is the reason, in Toastmasters, leaders are very effective when they have members in their teams who are individually qualified to handle certain professional areas of responsibility. After building the team, the leader needs to trust that team to understand issues, create solutions, and to act on them. Remember TEAM -“Together Everyone Achieves More”.

6. Communication skills: 
It does little good to have a strong mission, vision, and goals if the leader cannot easily and effectively convey his ideas to the team and members inside and outside of the organization. He must regularly be in touch with key individuals, by email, meetings, or other forms of correspondence. Latest technological resources provide various other means of keeping in touch. But, do not forget that the best way to ensure other people receive and understand the message is with face-to-face interactions.

7. A "can do, get it done" attitude: 
Nothing builds a picture of success more than achievement, and achievement is the number one factor that motivates just about everyone across all cultures. When members see that their leader can lead and direct, has a clear vision and attainable goals, and actually gains results in a timely manner, then that person's credibility increases throughout the organization. Leaders must modestly demonstrate their skills to give their members valid reasons to appreciate and value their efforts.

The basic message which I wish to convey in this article is that you as the leader should be "be out there" for your members. Continually demonstrate to them your leadership qualities in a very modest manner. Communicate with them using any of a variety of methods that show them you are worthy of your position. Make that process inspiring and positive and you can almost guarantee that your results will be consistent with your efforts.

District Budget Allocation 2017-18 – 26-July-2017

The District Finance Manager is working hard to ensure budget preparation and formalities are completed on time in compliance with TI requirements. Here below are few points for your understanding:-
1. Division/ Area are not independent accounting unit as envisaged in the TI structure. If Division/ Area is holding bank account for TI funds either in 'corporate or individual or jointly with others' this should be disclosed for obtaining TI approval and to record all transactions in the District accounting records. 
2. Strict Financial discipline is to be maintained in all financial matters. Each claim shall be fully supported by adequate documentation as we are subject to audit scrutiny locally and by TI.
3. The District is required to incorporate Division/ Area activities related receipts/ payments in the District accounts. The PQD and CGD have already written to you to provide inputs for developing the district budget. I would urge all the Division directors to provide the required information, in consultation with the Area Directors, within the timelines provided by the PQD and CGD, not later than 5th August 2017.
Please find attached the broad guidelines in terms of Area and Division budget followed during last year. Please note that due to reformation, the District budget will be almost half of last year budget. Still we want to try our best to keep the same re-imbursement figures to Division and Area, as long as the final figures are within the specified limits set by TI policy and approved by TI.
I would like to emphasise that that district revenue is based on the number of active members in the district. We have to retain existing members and grow the membership by following the guidelines provided by our PQD and CGD through various initiatives.
Appreciate your cooperation and support. For any further clarifications, feel free to contact. 

District 105 CGD Awards – 24-July-2017

Please find attached the list of CGD Awards for the period 2017-18 towards membership and club growth. 

Request the Area Directors to kindly ensure this information reaches every club and member in your Area so that everyone is well aware of these awards and can individually and collectively work towards achieving these rewards and recognition for themselves as well as for their Clubs, Area & Division.  If you have any questions related to these awards please feel free to contact the CGD.

Let’s put in our best efforts to create the Magic of Transformation within our clubs and within the life of each of our members and guests.

Take One, Get One Free! – 23-July-2017

Most of the current Area Directors are yet to complete their Communication Track (CC-ACB-ACS-ACG). Utilise your Area Director term effectively, to progress to the next level in your Communication track. It is only a myth that while serving on the Advanced Leadership Track, one will have to slow down on the Communication track.

Area Directors club visits provide ample opportunity to present a prepared speech from an Advanced Communication Manual. Following prepared speech projects are recommended:-

AC Manual Project # Speech Project Title Duration
Speaking to Inform 1 The Speech To Inform 5 - 7 Min
2 Resources for Informing 5 - 7 Min
3 Demonstration Talk 5 - 7 Min
4 A Fact Finding report 5 - 7 Min
5 The Abstract Concept 6 - 8 Min
Speeches By Management 1 The Briefing 3 - 5 Min
2 Appraise with Praise 5 - 7 Min
3 Persuade and Inspire 5 - 7 Min
4 Communicating Change 5 - 7 Min
5 Delivering Bad News 5 - 7 Min
Specialty Speeches 1 Speak Off the Cuff 5 - 7 Min
2 Uplift the Spirit 8 - 10 Min
3 Sell a Product 10 - 12 Min
4 Read Out Loud 12 - 15 Min
5 Introduce the Speaker Meeting Duration
Special Occasion Speeches 1 Mastering the Toast 2 - 3 Min
2 Speaking in Praise 5 - 7 Min
3 The Roast 3 - 5 Min
4 Presenting an Award 3 - 4 Min
5 Accepting an Award 5 - 7 Min

Speech topic for all the above projects can be made very relevant to the specific club or toastmasters in general (SMEDLEY Award, Membership dues payment on time, Education award for a member, Chartering process of a new club, Toastmasters Policy and Protocol etc). Get prior approval from your club VP-Education and President / VP-Education of the visiting club, for presenting prepared speech project.

Take one, get one free!
Progress in all aspects! Make your current term more rewarding!

Refreshing Sessions for Area Directors – 23-July-2017

District 105 is committed to spread awareness among our leaders and empower them this year. You may have noticed our actions / initiatives with this vision. We are so glad to see the right attitude in our selected leaders from the beginning itself to learn, grow and to be the decision makers for future.  

The first Excom meeting held on 16-June was carefully planned to provide the best learning experience for our leaders. Our brothers and sisters from Jordan who could not attend the Excom meeting were trained by PQD DTM Balaji Nagabhushan during his recent visit. We would like to empower the following Area Directors from Oman who could not attend the Excom meeting in Dubai, with another refreshing session:-  

Name Div./ Area
TM Prakash Nair C11
TM Srinivasan Babu D8
TM Saiju Victor D9
TM Nilofer Tanna E13
TM Fatma Almawali E14
TM Basim Al Mushaifri E15
TM Mohammed Al Nuaimi E16
TM Ahsan Jalal G17

Appreciate if the FOUR Division Directors can call for a joint round table meeting with the above EIGHT Area Directors and arrange a brain storming/ knowledge sharing session where the values and vision shared during the Excom meeting is discussed and refreshed. Other Area Directors may also opt to attend. The meeting may be arranged at the earliest, but not later than 31-August 2017 (It can be planned with the remaining COTs scheduled in August).

The long term vision elements for the above are:-
- Enhance further the 'togetherness' culture among the leaders in Oman
- Strengthen the foundation of Toastmasters in Oman by making more quality leaders
- Start preparing for the next District reformation where Oman can be a separate District in next few years.

District 105 PR Awards – 22-July-2017

The District 105 PR Team is pleased to announce the Annual PR Awards for the year 2017-18. Some of the Award titles are new or rehashed to be more meaningful. A brief description of each Award, the eligibility criteria and the evaluation criteria are listed out in a lucid manner.

Kindly circulate to all clubs in your respective Areas/ Divisions and ensure that the information trickles down to every club and every member immediately so that they have enough time to plan their participation in these stimulating contests.  In addition, we will soon be launching a sustained awareness campaign to keep the spirit of the awards alive all through the year and to ensure maximum participation. This campaign will use the District 105 Facebook page as well as the newly launched District 105 web page.

Hope to see the movers and shakers of the District revving up!

Preliminary data collection for District Marketing Plan – 22-July-2017

We are 22 days into the new term and I can see that lots of things have happened already. Great effort from all of you. The latest development is the launch of our new District 105 website.  The PQD awards have been announced and the CGD awards will also get announced in the next 48 hours.  The CGD Team will also get announced soon.  I am sure you and your team of Area Directors have been busy doing a lot of interesting and important things like, finalizing your teams, ensuring club officers list is updated with TI, first round of COT has happened, club officers are installed into office, Area & Division Success plan is being worked on, etc. 

As we do all this, It’s time for us now to also work on the District Marketing Plan and input from the Division & Area Directors is very important for this.  Let us put our heads together and come up with realistic targets and how to achieve them.

Attached please find an excel sheet seeking your input.  Please discuss with your Area Directors and revert to me.  Appreciate if you could send me the completed sheet by July 31, 2017 for your respective Divisions.

Area Directors Club Visit – 21-July-2017

“We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it” – Robert Baden-Powell

Congratulations to the Area Directors who have started their club visits. Early identification of the strengths and weaknesses of clubs under your Area, will help you make realistic plans towards achieving your Area goals. One of the basic requirements towards Distinguished Area Program is to submit AD Club Visit report online through District Central. The officers of current term will get online access by end July. Though the deadline to submit the first round of club visit is 30-November, it is better to start submission at the earliest. Here are some tips to assist you:-

- Start with submitting the report for your home club, as it will surely make you comfortable and give you confidence. Plan to do it during August first week.
- Encourage the clubs to share their club success plan with you. It is important to ensure that the clubs are working on a Club Success Plan.
- DCP progress can be collected from the dashboard
- Members educational achievement can be collected from dashboard
- The report can be submitted, even if the complete data is not available or the club is not sure of their plans at this stage.
- Incase a club is not meeting,  the report can still be submitted with the available information with details of the current situation of the club
- Updated / Revised report can be submitted for the same club, again, before November 30th.
- For guidance, a typical submitted AD club visit report is attached herewith.
- Keep all the information readily typed out in a file so that same can be copy and paste into the online form during submission online. This will save your time and help in filling the online form within specified webpage timeout.    

An early submission will assist the District team to carry out proper analysis and guide accordingly. Please note that the report will be copied by default to the District Trio, Division Director and the Club President. Appreciate your prompt action in submitting the reports at the earliest (starting from beginning of August).

PQD Awards 2017-18 – 16-July-2017

Please find attached herewith the PQD Award Categories for the year 2017-18. A short and simple explanation of the category is mentioned alongside each award. 

Please circulate to all clubs in your respective Areas / Divisions so that they have enough time to participate and win these awards.  We would like to announce and appreciate every club / member who achieves such distinction. 

Let's go for it. Let's make noise. The more, the merrier. 

PQD Education Snippet – 16-July-2017

In this series of how to create the Excellent Club Experience, I had referred to four points in my last email. They were (i) Greet Masters (ii) Guest Book (iii) Attendance Register / Record (iv) Agenda / Voting Slips / Additional requirements. All these are matters handled before commencing a meeting. 

This week, let me touch upon four more aspects which can be taken up before the meeting, wherein Guests / Members would be attracted or pleased to attend: 

Public Relations / Marketing
• Every club is unique, similar to products sold in the market. A customer will always try to buy those products which are well marketed or branded. Why should we today speak about only I-Phones, Samsung etc., even though there are many others in the market who are equally good if not better - it is because these names are itched in our minds by the great Public Relations or Branding activities they undertake. 
• In fact, as an example, I can quote the Past International President DTM Mohammed Murad - he is the Toastmaster of the meeting at the Dubai chapter tomorrow (17th July) and for the past one week, he has been posting different quotes on Face book along with a an enticing counter - seven days to go, six days to go and I am sure tomorrow at the Dubai chapter, the crowd will be huge, not just because it is Mohd Murad, but also because of the different ways he has branded / marketed this particular meeting for the chapter. 
• We can do the same for our Clubs too. We can plan our meetings in advance - prepare lovely, enticing, attractive posters and use social media to attract guests and members. There are many clubs who are following this as well as posting their meeting agenda one week before the meeting. In fact, some of these clubs share this poster to all their friends circle individually and that's how they attract guests who eventually contribute to strengthening the membership base. 

Variety - Spice
• We all aware that variety is the spice of life. While we prefer that for our personal lives, why can't we implement the same for our club meetings. People get attracted when meetings are different and quality oriented. They come and enjoy when they know that they can have fun and learning together. 
• Our meetings can be different - theme oriented which includes cultural, national, special days (mother's day, children's day etc.,), special education sessions either on important subject matters or from renowned speakers etc., 
• I have been to some meetings wherein the first half is filled with matters which we do not do in every meeting - joke session, book reading session, experience narration session and the second half is filled with tall tales, table topics etc.- everything to be learnt. 
• We have reverse meetings conducted in many clubs and the enthusiasm is created at least a month in advance - almost everything is done in the reverse order - starting with General Evaluation and ending with the President's opening address rather than a closing one - it is a treat to listen to individual evaluations wherein the evaluators imagine what the speaker might do and provide the strengths and areas for improvement (AFIs) - in some clubs, the speakers are supposed to incorporate those AFIs immediately into their speeches which they are rendering - amazing...
• So, try and think of creating that Variety in your meetings for success. 

Contest Based
• Toastmasters is all about learning and experience. While club meetings are filled with fun, learning, evaluation etc., Contest Meetings are filled with passion to excel & succeed. I am not referring to the real Contests which we conduct in our Clubs. I am referring to Contest type meetings.
• Once in a while we can have a mock contest meeting in our clubs - judges can be arranged internally, role players can be defined, announcements can be made two to three weeks in advance if it is a mock contest for Prepared or Humorous or Tall Tales Speech contest.
• For Evaluation & Table Topics, the contests can be mentioned on the agenda if the club does not wish to announce it earlier - for example, we can have three speakers doing their project speeches in the first half and in the second half, we can have a contest for Evaluators who are marked by the Judges ballot rather than normal voting slips. 
• This will not only attract the audience but also build the confidence & quality of the participants who can then get ready for the real contest - the club can even have some experts who could come up and provide some tips - strengths and areas of improvement for the participants at the end of the contest. 

Break Time - Refreshments
• There is one aspect I am highlighting now that I am sure no one will dispute. A club which has lovely treats, even if they are simple ones, for people to eat and enjoy fellowship during the break is the most attractive club. 
• Once a member / guest attends a meeting wherein he or she has a lovely time tasting the snacks and healthy networking / discussion among the attendees, he or she would definitely love to keep on returning to the club.
• In fact, I personally know of some clubs who do not order food from different restaurants - their members volunteer to prepare one or two dishes and every meeting is a treat for the attendees - in some clubs, members take turns in sponsoring snacks during the break.
• This not only helps market / brand the club but also helps in reducing expenses - thereby a financially healthy club. 

Try these approaches for your club meetings (if you are already not practicing them). By the way, these are tried and tested approaches by those clubs which today are successful, filled with membership and still attracting guests to join them. But remember the slogan - very few in this world would like to buy a product which is not advertised or branded. 

So, go ahead Market your club to the best possible advantage. Let people know that your club is a Brand and one of the best in this world.  

District Audit Committee – 15-July-2017

District 105 is committed to ensuring that the District funds are utilized fully in compliance with the mission and governing documents of Toastmasters. In order to ensure that strict financial discipline is maintained, District is glad to appoint the Audit Committee for the year 2017-18 comprising of the below members:-

Audit Committee Lead – TM Gowrisankar Chandrasekar
Audit Committee Member – TM Pushpaka Shirantha
Audit Committee Member – TM Sivakumar Chandrasekar

The Audit Committee will be functioning as an independent unit to provide objective assessment of the District finance reports. 
In order to assist the District Finance Manager in his duties, a separate Finance Committee has already been formed under him, comprising of the following members:-

- TM Aravindakshan Edayillam
- TM Manu Nair
- TM Arun Chaluparambil

We appreciate your continuous support to the team towards strengthening District 105 into a glorious future.

Best Practice for Area and Division Directors – 14-July-2017

“Aim Higher, Stay focused.”

In order to achieve maximum results towards your set goals, we will be sharing best practices and success tips on a timely basis. Here are some practical tips on achieving success as Area / Division Director:- 

Make your first club visits early, in July and August. Ensure that the club Excom has met and charted out the Club Success Plan for next one year (if not, encourage them to work on it). Spread awareness on Club Success Plan work sheet among the club officers. Ensure the clubs are brought into the value of the DCP and are tracking their progress against it.

Talk to the club treasurers in August and February, track their progress in collecting membership dues, and know when they plan to send them in to TI. Remember that the club has to renew only eight members online to meet the minimum requirement; remaining members can be renewed as they pay dues. Online dues payment can commence as early as last week of August / February.

For busy clubs, help the fast-track speakers find other speaking opportunities at other clubs that may have trouble filling their agenda.

Identify your weakest clubs (typically those with 12 members or less) and get a club coach assigned as soon as possible. Coach assignments are best done in July through November, leaving almost two full years to complete the job. This could be you, if you have the time, but more likely should be someone else. There can be two coaches per struggling club.

Speech contests are important, but they are not the first priority. Find someone who loves contests to organize this so you can stay focused on helping the clubs.

Every AD should be developing a new club as part of their annual goals. You have to build a new club to be a President’s Distinguished Area, and it will take months to do. Identify the opportunity, hold the demo meeting, and get the paid membership up to 20. Keep a demo meeting team ready always.

As the year draws to an end, make sure you track your “almost” CC and AC candidates (those with only a couple of speeches to go). Help the club’s VP-Education coach those people and encourage them to stay on schedule towards the DCP goals.

Coordinate with your Area Directors and make sure they’re doing the above. Make sure they get trained twice a year. Monitor their progress in the Distinguished Area program. Help build new clubs. Arrange education sessions at Division level on specific topics that can be useful to all clubs, and provide opportunity for all members in the Division to interact. Coordinate club officer training in the Division, and select someone to run the Division speech contests.

PQD- Members Education – 9-July-2017

As Program Quality Director, it becomes my duty / responsibility to help all of you succeed. This includes every leader, right from the Club Level to the District. While leaders are the force through which we succeed, let us not forget that it is the Member who is at the top of the ladder. 

So, my short snippet to all of you today (appreciate if the Area Directors could kindly pass on this message to all clubs in their respective areas) - here goes:

I am sure you have heard, spoken and remember the Ten Promises which we made / make at the time of joining this wonderful Organization:

As a member of Toastmasters International and my club, I promise: 
1. To attend club meetings regularly
2. To prepare all of my projects to the best of my ability, basing them on the Toastmasters education program 
3. To prepare for and fulfill meeting assignments 
4. To provide fellow members with helpful, constructive evaluations 
5. To help the club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow 
6. To serve my club as an officer when called upon to do so 
7. To treat my fellow club members and our guests with respect and courtesy 
8. To bring guests to club meetings so they can see the benefits Toastmasters membership offers 
9. To adhere to the guidelines and rules for all Toastmasters education and recognition programs 
10. To act within Toastmasters’ core values of integrity, respect, service and excellence during the conduct of all Toastmasters activities. 

While the Ten Promises are the base for success, there are very minor things which every club can implement to attract / retain and motivate members / guests. To list a few:

• Greet Masters  - If every club we attend have one or two people assigned to welcome Members / Guests as they come in to the venue and direct them to where they could be seated, who would be taking care of them etc., the Members / Guests would be very pleased and happy that you are indeed showering on them the attention they need - Remember the famous words - Treat Others the Way you wish to be Treated. 

• Guest Book - If you can create a Guest Book / Directory and if the Greet Masters or one of the EXCOM members or a senior member requests Guests to enter their details in the book - the guests would be overwhelmed - of course, the VPPR / VP Membership has to follow up with them, obtains their opinion about the meeting, would they be willing to attend one more meeting, are they interested in joining as a member etc., - this follow up, I am sure will get not only more members into the club but the dedicated ones.

• Attendance Register / Records - a hard or electronic copy of who are the members who attended each meeting can be maintained by the Secretary of the club - I am sure Members would be happy to see that in the minutes of the meeting their name appears as attendees and many of them as role players - this attendance eventually will help verify records for CL, help in scoring for Outstanding TM of the year and last but not the least, helps the club maintain a very healthy membership. 

• Agenda / Voting Slips / Additional - Every member would be happy when they see the Agenda along with the Voting Slip, Additional paper for some and pencils / pens arranged when they come in. Though it sounds very simple, I have witnessed in many clubs that this does not happen just for one reason - the agenda is finalized late and either it is not printed / the one who has the agenda has still not arrived - change this mode and be always organized. It is not just the Sgt At Arms who is responsible for this - any member can assist in putting this in place. And of course, if we can keep water on each seat or where people can get them easily - that would be an additional welcome. 

I am sure almost all clubs in our District follow the above. In case we are already doing it, let's continue to build our strengths and probably add on innovation / improvements. In case we are not doing it, let's begin now. 

This will definitely build that particular thing which Guests & Members are looking for - THE EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCE. Good luck. 

Keep the Resource Materials Handy– 7-July-2017

“A book lying idle on a shelf is wasted ammunition. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched.” – Henry Miller

Congratulations again for the successful start of your term under your newly elected role! The District 105 team looks forward to assist and guide you in all perspective to ensure collective success. Important documents that you will have to refer from time to time, during your term, are listed below with the download links. Please download them and keep a copy handy with you.


1)District Leadership Handbook :This handbook will make you very comfortable in carrying out your duties and responsibilities.
2) District Recognition Program :Understand the Area Division and District Distinguished Program requirements and prepare success plans.
3) Club Leadership Handbook :For providing effective guidance to the clubs.
(Also available in Arabic)
4) Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan :Encourage the clubs to use this handbook for preparing club success plan.
(Also available in Arabic)
5) How to Build a Toastmasters Club :Step by step guide to charter new clubs
6) How to Re-build a Toastmasters Club :Useful tips to strengthen weak clubs
7) Brand Manual : Follow the branding guidelines to communicate the brand effectively
Abridged Brand Manual : Brief overview of toastmasters brand
8) Governing Documents : Policies and Protocol


1) Division and Area Directors’ Training Material : Refresh the training received from time to time.
2) Club Officer Training Material : Guide the club officers effectively 
3) Club Officer Tutorials: Short videos explaining each club officer roles
4) Club Sponsor, Mentor and Coach Training : Serve as effective Club Sponsor, Mentor or Coach by going through these material

District Calendar with all important dates, is attached herewith. Area and Division Directors are encouraged to prepare their calendar including Club / Area / Division Contests, Education / Training Sessions, Open House etc.

Attached is the list of clubs in District 105 and their alignment / status extracted from TI dashboard. Though the actual figures may slightly vary when TI update the dashboard incorporating all the reformation / alignment data by end July, trust this data will provide sufficient information to start developing the Success Plan and strategies to achieve the goals for your Area / Division.
Keep using the resources to ensure a successful year ahead.

CGD – Golden Quarter Award – 1-July-2017

Good morning.  It’s a new day and we welcome the newly formed District 105.  It’s a new day for all of us with new dreams, new opportunities, new ideas, new action plans in place.  This is officially the first day at work for us although I am sure many of you have already been doing a lot of background preparation for your term since the last few weeks.  We are all super excited about the birth of this new District 105 under the able leadership of our District Director, DTM Sunil Kottarathil, and I am sure we all together along with the support of the clubs and members of District 105 will achieve a lot this year and on 1st July 2018 I can visualize us, sitting back and celebrating the results of our efforts during the 2017-2018 term.

As leaders and members of District 105 I am sure we will all work hard to nurture our clubs and add value to the members and guests who attend the club meetings.  We will also work hard to promote the Toastmasters program within the community and build new clubs and bring in more members, so that more people can gain the benefit of this program.  But as we do all this it is important that we recognize and reward those members who go that extra mile to make things happen.  There will be lots of such awards to motivate our clubs and members both from TI and from the District, details of which will be shared with you on a regular basis by the District leaders.  

But to start with, today I am happy to launch the first of such award which is the “Golden Quarter Award”.  This is a CGD award from the District, to recognize and reward those special members of District 105 who take the lead to charter a new Toastmasters club on or before 30th September 2017.  Details of the award are given below. The flyer in pdf and jpeg format is attached.  This can be used to promote the award within all clubs and members of District 105. 

My Area will Be Presidents Distinguished – 28-June-2017

Dear Area Directors,

You are the STAR this year and you deserve the best. The District team is committed to providing continuous assistance and guidance to support you in your goal of taking the Area to Presidents Distinguished status.

Listed below are the criteria, to become a Presidents Distinguished Area along with strategies that can be implemented from the very beginning of the year.

Sr. No. Goal Strategy
1 Submit AD Club Visit Report for 75% of the club base (first visit report by 30-Nov and second visit report by 31-May) Complete the club visits early. Submit reports early (by 31-Aug and 28-Feb). Additional reports can be submitted as required / if needed.
2 No net club loss during the current toastmasters year Identify the struggling clubs in the Area right now and form a team to make them sustainable.
3 Number of Distinguished clubs in the Area to be 50% of the base +1 Ensure that all clubs get each one of the DCP goals. Promote the Smedley Award to ensure that membership goals are met.All clubs to be Distinguished.All clubs to win SMEDLEY Award.
4 Add one new club to the Area Look for opportunities around. Work on any lead to form a new club without any delay. Plan Demo meetings.
Let the journey of excitement begin!

Roadmap to Success – Area Success Plan – 27-June-2017

“Commitment is what makes the improbable possible and the possible real”

With the largest District set to start a new reformed structure from July 1st, it is has been heartwarming to witness the collective effort of  members catapult the District to Distinguished Status, along with majority of the Clubs, Areas and Divisions.

We believe that planning for success starts from the beginning of the term. The District Leader Training Sessions conducted during the Excom meeting on 16th June 2017, was an apt kick start to our vision. The positive feedback and the enthusiastic response of all the members have reinforced the fact. It has provided great impetus to our vision and we know that we are headed in the right direction.

As fortified during the Excom meeting, let us promise ourselves to reach excellence by taking:-
Each Club in District 105 to Distinguished Status
Each Area in District 105 to Presidents Distinguished Status 

Breaking down a big goal into several smaller ones, not only makes it easier to reach, but you also experience the satisfaction of reaching several goals along the way. Start with creating your Area Success Plan. Refer to the attached extract from District Recognition Program (distributed as part of District Leader Kit during the Excommeeting) for Area Success Plan. It is a very helpful tool to learn from and follow in a structured manner to take your Area to excellence.

Refer to the dashboard for statistics related to your Area, that can help you in effective planning. Please note that the dashboard will be updated with District 105 data (with new Area and Division lettering) only by the end of July.

CGD - Welcome Message – 26-June-2017

Eid Mubarak to all of you and hope you all are enjoying the extended holidays with your family and friends. 

It is an exciting period for all of us because this is the first year of District 105.  The heartache of getting ourselves detached from District 20 (and before that from District 79) still lingers but it’s time to move on. As the number of members and clubs grow we have no option but to form new Areas, Divisions & Districts. That is the way it should be, because at the end of the day our goal is to expand the number of clubs and members so that maximum people in the community is able to gain the benefits of this wonderful life changing Toastmasters program.

As District leaders, our goal is very simple. It is to serve the clubs and members. But how do we make this happen? By ensuring we achieve the below two objectives.
1. Each Club in District 105 to become a Distinguished Club
2. Each Area in District 105 to become a Presidents Distinguished Area. 
If we can attain these two goals we would be making sure our clubs are healthy and adding value to each member and guest who walk into the meeting. By achieving these two goals we would also be achieving the goals of the Division, District and Toastmasters International.

I have been with this program since 2002, which is almost 15 years and believe me becoming a member of Toastmasters International and being part of this wonderful global family of highly motivated souls has been the best investment that I have ever made in my life. The time and money that I have invested in this program is nothing compared to the benefits that I have gained from this program. I was someone who couldn’t utter two words properly to an audience when I joined this program and today speaking is what I do for a living. Hence, I love saying that this program is indeed pure magic. It magically transforms you and helps you to be the best version of you. 

I look forward to working closely with each one of you during my tenure as CGD. Let us all come together to create value for each Club & Member in District 105 and let us together ensure we work towards spreading the magic of Toastmasters to maximum people in the community. By inviting others to join, we give them the opportunity to benefit by:
• Improving speaking, listening, thinking and leadership skills
• Discovering hidden abilities and awakening latent talents
• Acquiring an expanded vision of the role of communication
• Increasing self-esteem through active participation in personal development

I am currently working to finalize my team who will help me to help you throughout the year. Also I will be in touch with you soon for your valuable input for the District Marketing Plan. The CGD awards are also being worked on and will be published soon. In the meantime if you wish to get in touch with me for any help and support that you may need from me, please do not hesitate. I am here to serve you along with my fellow leaders DTM Sunil Kottarathil and DTM Balaji. So, allow the magic to unfold. Wishing each one of you the very best in this new Toastmasters year. 

Minutes of First District 105 Excom Meeting – 16-June-2017

The Area, Division and District leaders actively participated to make the first Excom meeting of District 105 held today at the Emirates Headquarters Auditorium, Dubai, UAE, a huge success.

Please find the Minutes of Meeting for your review.

Notice for First District 105 Excom Meeting – 12-June-2017

The initial notification for District 105 first Excom meeting scheduled on 16th June 2017had been circulated earlier. Final Agenda is attached herewith.

Minutes of the last Excom meeting Minutes of District 20 Excom meeting held during DTAC in Bahrain is attached herewith for your information. The MOM is circulated in advance herewith, to save time in reading the minutes during the Excom meeting on 16th June.

Quorum :- A majority of the district executive committee (the District Director, the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, the Public Relations Manager, the District Administration Manager, the District Finance Manager, the Area Directors, and the Division Directors – Total count : 60) shall constitute a quorum.

Motions:- In case the members have any motion, suggestion, points or concern to be raised to the committee during new business session, please forward the same by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 14th June 2017 to the Administration Manager.
We look forward to your attendance at the First District 105 Executive Committee Meeting for the year 2017-2018.

Past Leaders Committee – 12-June-2017

Having travelled the road, who else can be the best to guide the reformed District 105 to its deserving glorious position in its starting year! District 105 is glad to inform formation of Past Leaders Committee  in order to take our District to its deserving heights. The committee will include all the Past District Governors / Directors as listed below:-  

Sr. No. Committee Member Remarks
1 Mohammed Murad, DTM, PIP District Governor 2003-04, International President 2014-15
2 Radhakrishnan Karantharath, DTM District Governor 2008-09
3 Uma Radhakrishnan, DTM District Governor 2010-11, Region 11 Advisor 2011-13
4 Maria Victoria Ferrer, DTM District Governor 2013-14, Region 11 Advisor 2015-16
5 Yasser Sulaiman, DTM District Governor 2014-15
6 Sujit Sukumaran, DTM District Director 2015-16

Focus on June Tasks – 12-June-2017

The District 105, being newly reformed from district 20 will appear in Toastmasters dashboard only after the current year is closed (June 30th) and the new data is entered in the system (by end July). Meanwhile, leaders may plan all Area / Division activities and goals based on the realignment report approved by District Council and distributedearlier. 

While we gear up for the term, please ensure that the tasks for June are completed. Most important one is to ensure that all clubs submit their newly elected officers Information online through CLUB CENTRAL. As a minimum, name of three officers (President, Secretary and one of the VPs) needs to be uploaded in the system, for the clubs to get credit against the DCP goal. Refer to attached document, detailing step by step procedure.

As one of our key performance areas this year will be to assist all clubs to achieve Distinguished Status, let us ensure no club misses this DCP goal. Let us reach out and support the clubs that are yet to finalise their officers. Refer to toastmastersdashboard to verify whether clubs under your Area / Division have updated officer information. 

Other points of action during June are:-
-       Know your team (Elected leaders at District, Division, Area and Club)
-       Form your support team (select leaders who have time and are good at training / marketing / PR activities, to support you in conducting Division / Area activities)
-       Form your resource team (past District / Division / Area leaders in your geographical location will be a great source and knowledge bank for forming an advisory board for you)
-       Attend District Excom meeting on 16th June and get benefit from the official training sessions
-       Arrange to conduct Club Officers Training with assistance of current Division team
-       Confirm that club officer’s election is completed and each club has selected proactive leaders to ensure sustainable growth of the club (Having enthusiastic leaders with willingness to learn at club level, is very important to ensure our member satisfaction. Offer assistance and support to the clubs struggling to fill club officer position) 
-       Get ready for the Area Director’s Club Visits starting from July 1st (Division Directors can also join to learn more about the club specifics, and to plan support to clubs)

Trust the above will be helpful in planning ahead for a successful term.
“Today’s Moves Reveal Tomorrow’s Results” – Robin Sharma

Travel Re-imbursement for attending Excom Meeting – 11-June-2017

The District Executive committee members (Area and Division Directors) traveling from Oman, Jordan and Lebanon are entitled to get travel re-imbursement as per the approved budget / financial policy for 2016-17 term. Details are attached herewith.

The eligible members are requested to fill in the Reimbursement Voucher showing the actual airfare and visa expenses and forward to Finance Manager along with the copy of priced ticket and visa fee receipt before 14th June 2017 to ensure re-imbursement on 16th June.

During the District Excom meeting, you will be able to interact with and listen to our experienced leaders who are known to their service leadership:-
- Deepak Menon, DTM - Second Vice President of Toastmasters International
- Mohammed Murad, DTM, Past International President
- Uma Radhakrishnan, DTM, Past Regional Advisor 

Final agenda will be distributed by Admin Manager through the googlegroup mail id by tomorrow.


District Officers for 2017-18 term – 26-May-2017

District 105 is proud to announce the District team for 2017-18 term:- 

Elected officers at the District council meeting on 19-May-2017:-
District Director – Sunil D Kottarathil, DTM
Program Quality Director - Nagabhushan Balaji, DTM
Club Growth Director - Valsakumar P. Menon, DTM

Appointed Officers:-
Administration Manager - Saju Varghese, ACS, ALB
Finance Manager - Ramesh Anantharaman, DTM
Public Relations Manager - Manmohan Sreedhar, ACS, ALB
Logistics Manager - Faheem Khan, CC, ALB
Web & Social Media Manager - Shibu Kurup, CC, CL
District Representative (Oman) - L.Srikumar Pai, DTM
District Representative (Jordan & Lebanon) - Rania Abul-Rub, DTM

Subcommittees under each officer will be announced later.

Prepare for the new term – 22-May-2017

“The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started” – Mark Twain

Congratulations for getting elected as Area and Division Directors of the reformed District 105. With proper planning and focused approach, you can make a BIG difference in the toastmasters clubs in your Area / Division leading to a grand celebration during DTAC-2018 in Oman! Together let us take the new District to a proud position and be remembered for laying a strong foundation.

Following elected District 105 trio will always be at your service to make your dream come true during the coming term:-
District Director (District 105) – Sunil Kottarathil, DTM
Program Quality Director (District 105) – Nagabhushan Balaji, DTM
Club Growth Director (District 105) – Valsakumar Menon, DTM

To start with, please download the District Leadership Handbook and go through it to make you very comfortable in carrying out your duties and responsibilities during your term.

We are planning to conduct the District 105 Excom meeting on Friday, 16th June in Dubai. Main attraction of this Excom meeting will be a training session for the newly elected officers that will help you to achieve your goals as District leaders this year. 

Meanwhile, we are creating a directory of all the Area and Division Directors elected. Appreciate if you all can forward the following information:-

1) Confirm the e-mail id (by return mail)
2) Mobile number for communication (by return mail)
3) Whatsapp number (by return mail)
4) High resolution photo (by 31-May-2017)

Please also fill up and forward the attached Officer Agreement and Release Form by return mail. Use the new District, Division, Area numbers / letter while filling it in. The completed forms need to be officially forwarded to WHQ for updating the system with your new title.   

Wishing you a year with lot of learning experiences ahead!