When I compare my status today with that when I attended my first Toastmasters club meeting in April, 2007, I can see that I have undergone great changes, especially in my personality. The positive transformation is so visible among my family, my friends, and my colleagues. Through Toastmasters, every day I travel in a path where my goals and values are more and more clear.

The learning experience from continuous participation in club meetings was exceptional. It lead to establishment of the first Arabic language Toastmasters Club, UAE Leaders Club, in 2012 in Dubai. Today, it is a proud achievement to see the growth of the club to one of the most prominent one in UAE thatwill leave a mark for future generations.

It was a privilege to work on the establishment of the Arab Clubs Committee in the District and then to chair the committee. It has added a lot of knowledge and learning experiences with the rest of my colleagues.

In addition to the charter of other Arabic language clubs in the UAE, organizing he Arabic speech contests, conducting education programs, training etc have been a journey filled with lot of satisfying moments..

In conclusion, the Toastmasters had given me great experience and knowledge in communication and leadership that keep transforming me every day into a better person.

The Toastmasters is not just an educational program, it is a life style that builds a man and develops his leadership and other skills.

I strongly recommend each and everyone to spread awareness about this program that will transform the life of an individual into a positive leader in his life. 

Al-Multaqa Club 2009 First meeting

UAE Leaders Club 2013

13, October 2013 Bharin


Essa Al Suwaidi DTM
President of the UAE Leaders Toastmaster Clubs 2012-2013, 2016-2017
President of the Arab Committee Clubs D20, 2014-2015
Division P Governor D20 2015-2016

VP Al-Multaqa Club 2008-2009